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Happy Hour: Rye Mule | Relishing It

Today’s cocktail is a lovely little three-ingredient number that is simple to make, and tastes fantastic.  This is a thirst quenching cocktail and I suppose you could even say that it can be a bit dangerous.  It’s one of those where you taste no alcohol– you’ve been warned.  The rye melds into the sea of ginger beer and lime, giving it the flavor of a crafted soda rather than an alcoholic beverage.   The lime offers a refreshing zing, while the ginger beer lends a subtle “bite”.  We happen to love this drink, and are so thankful to a certain friend from my husband’s hometown for introducing it to us (you know who you are D.S.).

Happy Hour: Rye Mule | Relishing It

I suppose I should note that you certainly don’t need to use a high-end rye for this drink.  In fact, it’s almost silly to do so.  The one I used was all we had in the house, but normally we use Bulleit Rye.  It works just fine, and is reasonably priced.  You may have noticed that I didn’t photograph the ginger beer.  My favorite brand is not very photogenic (it comes in a silver can), but I’ll tell it to you anyway.  I like “Gosling’s” ginger beer– it has a nice/strong ginger flavor, but more importantly– it’s really carbonated!  There are so many lovely bottles of ginger beer available nowadays, but I find that many of them really lack carbonation.  So,  I’ll be sticking to Gosling’s…in the ugly can.  Unless any of you have a good recommendation?  It’s almost the weekend, friends.  Cheers to you!

Happy Hour: Rye Mule | Relishing It

The Recipe: Rye Mule

(makes 1)

2 ounces Rye

4 ounces ginger beer

1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

Fill a high-ball cocktail glass with ice.  Add the rye, ginger beer, and lime juice.  Mix with a stirring stick.  Drink. 🙂

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